Photo taken by Andreas Wahra

Rome, Roman Republic, 12/13 July 100 B.C.-Rome, Roman Republic, March 15, 44 D. C.

His full name was Gaius Julius Caesar, he was a famous statesman, general, military leader, and dictator that led Rome towards the end of the Republic. Although born into a family of little fortune, he had a successful political career and held various positions in the government due in part to his association with Crassus and Pompey, with whom he formed the First Triumvirate.

Artist: Nicolas Coustou

Statue of Julius Caesar / Artist: Nicolas Coustou

He was a skilled negotiator and in the year 60 B.C. was elected consul. By 59 B.C. he was already governor of Roman Gaul, he conquered vast territories of what are now France and Belgium and consolidating his position as leader of Rome. Later, he defeated his former ally Pompey, whom had followed to Egypt. There, he became involved in a relationship with Queen Cleopatra and Caesarion was born from their union, although Caesar’s paternity is in doubt.

Back in Rome he declared himself dictator for life and was called “Father of the Nation”. He tried to turn Italy into a province and made some reforms in social and governmental matters. He reorganized the local government, was the architect of the Julian calendar, increased the number of judges and senators to be submitted to Congress and granted the right to speak first at meetings of the assembly.

He was assassinated on the Ides of March as a result of a conspiracy, and after his death the Roman Empire emerged. From his name Caesar the titles of German and Russian rulers deriver: Kaiser and Czar.