San Francisco, USA, February 24, 1955-Palo Alto, USA, October 5, 2011

Steven Paul Jobs was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple Inc. He is usually considered a visionary in the field of technology and under his leadership, Apple revolutionized the computer industry, mobile communication and music, with inventions such as the Macintosh computer, the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone.

He grew up in Silicon Valley, an area of ​​development of the technology industry. While attending high school he got a summer job at Hewlett-Packard and later met Steve Wozniak, whom he befriended because they both felt affinity towards electronics and computers. Later on, he attended college at Reed College, but left six months later and in 1974 he briefly joined Atari as a video game designer.

In 1976 he made ​​the great leap by founding Apple Computer Company with his friend Steve Wozniak in the garage of Jobs’ parents. Soon they began to market the personal computer manufactured by Wozniak, Apple I. In 1977, Jobs introduced Apple II and three years after its launch, sales increased by 700%.

In 1984 he launched the Macintosh, one of the first personal computer with a graphical user interface. Because of problems with the board of Apple he left the company in 1985 and embarked successfully on other technology projects: founded NeXT Computer and bought Graphics Group, later called Pixar Animation Studios, a company that became the largest individual shareholder of the Walt Disney Company.

In 1997 he returned to Apple as CEO. During the following years he brought to the market highly innovative products: iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, which, conjoined with an elegant and modern design placed Apple on the podium of the most successful companies. In 2008, iTunes became the second biggest music store in the United States

The work of Steve Jobs provided mass access to personal computers to make them smaller, cheaper and easier to use. He is recognized as an innovator and a revolutionary of modern technology.


Image courtesy : Romaine. GLAM volunteer for Wikimedia Nederland