Author of the painting: Abraham Archibald Anderson

Milan, United States, February 11, 1847-West Orange, United States, October 18, 1931

Thomas Edison is a good example of successful curiosity. Notable successful entrepreneur and inventor, he patented throughout his life the incredible amount of 1,093 artifacts developed by himself.

Edison worked as a telegraph operator in his youth, and took the opportunity to experiment with these appliances and electricity. In 1877 he made a carbon transmitter, which improved hearing in the phones of the time. In that same year he also invented the phonograph, precursor of the turntable.

Edison photo and signature 1915

Edison photo and signature 1915

Between 1879 and 1886, he patented over 400 devices, being one of the most famous the incandescent bulb (1879). This device represented a revolution for society back then and replaced light sources based on the use of gas. His success enabled him to launch the Edison Electric Light Company.

During the following decades he developed a film camera that he called Kinetoscope, and that he patented in 1891. He collaborated with business leaders of the time like Henry Ford and even created his own cement company. Among other things, he developed the first industrial research laboratory and was known as “The Wizard of Menlo Park”.

Some other Edison inventions were the electric battery and micro taximeter. Also, he developed the electric chair.